Greetings from the Green Mountain State!

Vermont has a rich and storied history with innovation—from the very first patent issued to Vermont’s Samuel Hopkins to its current status as being the most innovative state.  Given this tradition, I’ve designed this blog to discuss patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other technology issues of interest to all inventors, IP padawans, entrepreneurs, technology gurus, designers, artists, and business persons.  I hope to provide you with insights and information that will help you understand and navigate what is oftentimes a complex, yet exciting, area of the law with the end result being that you can invest your time, money, and ingenuity more efficiently.

I’m also of the opinion that we can learn a lot from Vermont’s inventive community.  Thus, there will be highlights of at least some of the innovations coming out of Vermont and I will be interviewing Vermont innovators with the hope of transmitting some of their wisdom to you.

Please feel free to send me comments, questions, news of upcoming technology centered events, patent activity, trademark and copyright issues, or other thoughts on intellectual property.  I’m excited to engage with the community (both in and out-of-state!) that is continuing Vermont’s pioneering legacy.

A little about me

Justin McCabeI have a love for technology, the health of the environment, and my family, and a belief that I can provide information and counsel to innovative, inspired people to help them achieve their potential.

As my firm profile recites, I grew up on a farm in South Dakota, but what it doesn’t discuss is that South Dakota provided several influences in my life, most of which taught me what I didn’t want to do when I got older. Most importantly, I found out that I prefer motorcycles to horses, and thus this country boy got a couple of engineering degrees and a law degree and wound up as an IP attorney in Vermont. Among my many interests are running, biking, woodworking, hockey, alternative energy issues and technologies, and, as to be expected, issues of intellectual property law. I expect all of these interests will make an appearance on this blog at one time or another and as other items peak my interest, they will likely make appearances as well.

Me and My Biggest Fans

Me and My Biggest Fans

My interest in intellectual property and environmental issues is a nice mix of business and pleasure.  But at bottom, I think there are a lot of synergies between the two – the problems we are faced with, e.g., global warming, likely won’t be solved by old technologies or even current ones.  Bright minds with ambitious goals will be needed to create a better world for us and our children.  I hope that I am part of this solution – helping these bright minds find value from and continue their important work.

As a departing tidbit, I must admit that even though most radio stations in South Dakota play country music, I’m not a huge fan. I will, however, listen to older country music (Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, George Jones, etc.) and even Junior Brown every once and a while because invented and plays an awesome guit-steel.

I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to contact me with thoughts or opinions.

Happy Travels,

Justin McCabe