Justin McCabeI have a love for technology, the health of the environment, and my family, and a belief that I can provide information and counsel to innovative, inspired people to help them achieve their potential.

As my firm profile recites, I grew up on a farm in South Dakota, but what it doesn’t discuss is that South Dakota provided several influences in my life, most of which taught me what I didn’t want to do when I got older.  Most importantly, I found out that I prefer motorcycles to horses, and thus this country boy got a couple of engineering degrees and a law degree and wound up as an IP attorney in Vermont.  Among my many interests are running, biking, woodworking, hockey, alternative energy issues and technologies, and, as to be expected, issues of intellectual property law.  I expect all of these interests will make an appearance on this blog at one time or another and as other items peak my interest, they will likely make appearances as well.

Me and My Biggest Fans

Me and My Biggest Fans

As a departing tidbit, I must admit that even though most radio stations in South Dakota play country music, I’m not a huge fan.  I will, however, listen to older country music (Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, George Jones, etc.) and even Junior Brown every once and a while because he invented and plays an awesome guit-steel.

I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to contact me with thoughts or opinions.

Happy Travels,

Justin McCabe